Gummi Bears!



Is the nation ready for giant gummy bear on a stick?

Where I come from, Gummi bears save us from dragons by bashing them on the head with hams.  Also, they’re alcoholics.

You might be asking yourself just how do I know so much about Gummi bears?  (Yes, they ARE afraid of heights.)  Well, aside from vast personal experience,  (dated Cavin off and on from 1994-1997) I just happened to own this miracle of modern technology.

Listen to me, you might be working right now.  You might have a slow internet connection.  I might even be holding a loaded pistol to your head forcing you to read this post.  None of these is a good enough reason not to click on that link and feast your eyes on one of the greatest inventions of my generation.  Remember, the Chinese call them the “wonder wonder bears” for a reason.


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