Tom and Jerry and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Insert off-colored joke I can't bring myself to makeWell, somebody finally built a better mouse trap.

What I want to know is what exactly is all the “drama” they can do without?  Why does that man seem chemically unbalanced? What larger, more human things has he killed when he “freaked”.

Don’t worry, it’s “guaranteed to kill the mice”.  The mice literally do not have a shred of hope for survival.  Ortho’s patented last twenty minutes of Scarface design was rigged from all the retainers the engineer’s thirteen-year-old never wore.

Also, I don’t buy these two individuals not wanting to touch the dead mouse.  Not the way they’re waving that death tomb around all over their kitchen counter and still drinking a mug of warm beverage.

However, I have figured out why I never managed to catch any of my apartment pests.  Apparently, the Ideal Toy Company is not in the extermination business.Cheese Wheel! This thing is completely inefficent at killing anything besides a few hours on a rainy afternoon (and my decision-making skills).  My biggest mistake was trusting a scuba diver.




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