Vote Early, Vote Often

Rock the Vote, hard.

I’m tired of writing, it’s your turn. I’ve created you a poll.  There better be some decent explanations in the comments section (Steve Sundell, I’m looking at you.). I am completely unbiased, unless you count my three month stint as campaign manager for Bulldog. I resigned after his “Sitting in the Sidewalk and Refusing to Move” scandal, last summer. He was an impossible candidate to work with: always undermining his political advisers, going off message in interviews, taking money from PACs, and of course,  the drool.

Update: When I created this poll I did not expect such a slaughter.  More and more it looks like Bulldog has made all the right moves. Also, it seems most people don’t believe macs with wings share their core-values.


6 responses to “Vote Early, Vote Often

  1. While Bulldog is stubborn–that’s where the old saying comes from, after all–and drools, he is steadfast in his loyalty. Plus, he’s fuzzy and sweet. Those are all the qualities I look for in a candidate. The pooping can go, but nobody’s perfect.

  2. I voted for Amy . I loved that movie. Gorillas
    get things done!

    • laurajaynemartin

      Commenter #1: Bulldog is gonna have us invading China and I feel like you don’ t care because you’re Canadian.

      Commenter #2: Are you very sure you didn’t vote for Amy because you think she’ll have the best singing voice and you decide everything like an American Idol competition?

  3. Yes I did indeed vote for Amy for her singing
    voice, how well you know me. She’s my kind
    of gal. Great singing and running the country-
    what could be better?

  4. As a matter of fact, I think the whole country
    should be run on great singing!

  5. come on “Nosferatu” Vampire !

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