The Return

Fur and balanced

I’m back.  I wish I could say I was busy with comedy or a screenplay, but honestly those don’t slow me down.  I tend to just use stream-of-consciousness and steal the rest from Myron Cohen.

In reality, I’ve just been reading and rereading Mindy Kaling’s old blog for the last three weeks.   I almost don’t want to share it but, it would be withholding something too wonderful from the world.  I won’t be the Fox to your Arrested Development.

With my return also comes the start of other great things: American Idol is just about ready to stop torturing us with Youtube videos and put us in a nice studio with a/c, Friday Night Lights Season 4  finally has a network premiere date (April 30th), and The Winter Olympics sent me a facebook friend request alerting me to the fact it exists.


4 responses to “The Return

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! I’m so awesome!

  2. Too late. Quit playing games with my heart.

  3. Can you please do more Advice with Cinnamon?

  4. Perley J. Thibodeau

    Glad you’re back. I don’t read this blog, never have, never will, but I sure do LOVE commenting on stuff. I’ve actually developed quite an article-commenting addiction over the years. It serves me and the people of NYC very well–except for that time when I thought I was commenting on a Village Voice article and ended up with two hot tranny messes in my living room. Commenting!

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