Drivers not wanted.

Sorry I missed you, yesterday.  I was busy driving my car up and down the interstate. Why you ask?  I was waiting for local news trucks to pull me over, so I could tell people how bad the conditions are and that they should stay off the roads.  Stay off the roads people!  I’ve been driving all day and I can tell you it’s a mess out there.  I’m not sure whose car this is– but still, it is not handling well in the post-blizzard conditions.


5 responses to “Snowdown

  1. There goes that news van again.

  2. Can I just say I saw you and you looked GREAT! Especially in that close up on NY1 when they asked if your wheels were slipping and you said you just couldn’t get any traction. A star is born! Oh BTW I’m not bailing you out.

  3. Don’t bother, I’m fingering you.

  4. Laura! You cheated on me with another reporter?! haha just so you know I spent the other afternoon driving around neighborhoods in my news van looking for people shoveling….

    • Please! I would never give an off-the-cuff commentary to anyone but Cait McVey. Except maybe Vicki Rivers.

      P.S. Facebook is ruining MY relationship! Where’s my B-copy?

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