My first time

Television: a lifestyle choice

Because of the constant Winter Olympics coverage and the fact that I never stop watching television, I’ve been exposed this NBC local newsmagazine called “Lifestyle TV” but abbreviated LXTV (because X’s are sexier?)

For New Yorkers, it is basically NY1, only on NBC.

For everyone else, it is somewhere between college and professional television jam-packed with topical information. Unfortunately, it is information you either easily find several other places, or that you will never ever need.  And not the good kind information you will never need, not the Unwrapped kind. This show gives you the “Magazine about the hotel your staying in, that’s only available at the hotel you’re staying in” kind of information. Television’s answer to “The Metro” newspaper.

Anyway, they have this segment on LXTV called “My First Time:”  Until now, I was pretty sure MTV owned the rights to “Possessive Title, colon”.

See: True Life: I’m a drug dealer; I’m a Teenage mom: at 16; Super Sweet Sixteen: Pregnancy remix; The Real Word: I’m on a t.v. show; Punked: Jackasses v. Idiots; MADE: I’m a pregnant cheerleader etc.

But I guess not.  Especially after Bravo! sued for the use of “Title, colon, geographical location”.

Now, I’m too tired to make fun of what I was actually going to mock.  It’s called “My First Time: I’m a Winter Olympian”.  Go to town:


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