Beer and pretzels

Too big to fail

Aside from keeping bar stools relevant for the last 700 years, beer and pretzels are delicious.  I just ate these beer and pretzel caramels from Littabit Sweets.  They are based in Brooklyn NY (Surprised? Please, look at how precious and self-important they are in their tight wrapping.  Also, you can’t tell from the picture but they’re listening to Animal Collective…for now).

The reason these caramels are the best idea ever isn’t because they combine pretzels, beer and caramel. It’s because they combine Martin’s pretzels, beer and caramel.  Martin’s pretzels are basically the greatest gift of all.  Whitney Houston wrote a pretty controversial song about them in the 80’s. (It was called “So emotional”.)

If President Bush choked on a Martin’s pretzel, the Iraq War never would have happened.  I guess what I’m trying to say is, this particular kind of pretzel is doing more for America than most U.S. Senators (and all of the House of Representatives). Please get these caramels into your mouth as soon as possible, if only to prevent further international conflict.

I got mine from Northern Spy, the restaurant everyone cares about (after the NYT article) named after the apple that nobody cares about. I would tell you how the dark chocolate, sea salt caramel is, but I do not know.  My eating partner warned me that I shouldn’t eat it because it is actually too delicious, and I would be opening Pandora’s box (of chocolates).  She fell on her sword like a true Greek hero and quickly devoured it.  I’m starting to question her loyalty.


3 responses to “Beer and pretzels

  1. awesome laur, loved it. I too will fall on my
    sword or stick it into someone else for a
    little chocolate.

  2. Not your eating partner

    Your “eating partner” sounds misunderstood.

  3. So, when are you coming up again, I two would stick someone for those chocolates.

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