I Don’t Like This Stuff.

You know what white people like? Having their blogs published as books.

White on!

So this guy wrote a blog called Stuff White People Like; mainly discussing activities and objects as a sort of mocking tour guide to “white people” .  It totally backfired.  You know why?  “Stuff White People Like” is exactly the kind of stuff white people like!

I decided to take this book as a survey.  The results say I’m Hapa and 1/16th Jeep Grand Cherokee.  My Caucasian Irish-Catholic  parents have some explaining to do.


One response to “I Don’t Like This Stuff.

  1. love.

    miss you.

    I wish I was HAPA … but I like frisbee sports too much … oop, that statement just made me throw up in someone else’s mouth.

    So what fo i get to be?


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