Medium Cool

I'm a Big Fan!

It’s not that hot anymore. Remember when it was really hot and we had tons to talk about, Mr. Bodega? And you, Madam Duane Reade bag, next to me on line for the bus? Oh last week, gone but not forgotten.

Remember the cooling centers of days gone by? Well elderly, you’re on your own again. Enjoy not constantly having your day interrupted by nosy grandchildren checking to see if you’ve burst into flames. Hello…? Oh Hey!

Sister please. You made it through WWII, do they think some humidity’s gonna getcha? You are one Cool Hand Luke and you are not going out like a sucka. You LIVE for balmy! Next time they call just ask: “have you ever been to Palm Springs, bitch?!”  Then slam the phone down.

I mean seriously. What was it 100? 107? Sweater weather, my friend, sweater weather. I literally saw my 85 year old neighbor climbing up the fire escape with an a/c unit in a cardigan.  In. A. Cardigan.

The air conditioner? It was for his grandson’s room.


One response to “Medium Cool

  1. I am familiar with that fan

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