Further Explorations of Cups

Willie Nelson wrote a song about this cup. It was made famous by Patsy Cline. That song? "Scary F'ing Cup".

No.  The question is not: does the person who wrote this cup have a personality disorder?  The question is: what personality disorder does the person who wrote this cup have?  And I think it’s whatever you get from eating too much Cinnabon.

We gotta find him, because he’s going to be climbing into your window later tonight.  He’s going to be sporting a severe head wound but like, not really care about it, or even seem to notice it.  Then, he’s going to put on Twenty Four Hour Party People and scrawl guacamole riddles all over your Johnathan Adler for Target wallpaper. That’s his endgame.

You see what I’m saying here?  Chipotle didn’t find a crazy scrawler and ask him to write on their cups about guacamole.  He was always scrawling crazy about guacamole.  Chipotle just gave him the cups.


One response to “Further Explorations of Cups

  1. If the goal of the design team for this cup was to give me a headache, they succeded. It hurts my eyes and offends me, deeply and personally.

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