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The Return

Fur and balanced

I’m back.  I wish I could say I was busy with comedy or a screenplay, but honestly those don’t slow me down.  I tend to just use stream-of-consciousness and steal the rest from Myron Cohen.

In reality, I’ve just been reading and rereading Mindy Kaling’s old blog for the last three weeks.   I almost don’t want to share it but, it would be withholding something too wonderful from the world.  I won’t be the Fox to your Arrested Development.

With my return also comes the start of other great things: American Idol is just about ready to stop torturing us with Youtube videos and put us in a nice studio with a/c, Friday Night Lights Season 4  finally has a network premiere date (April 30th), and The Winter Olympics sent me a facebook friend request alerting me to the fact it exists.

Today in 1977

Sno my goodness!

Snow fell in Miami, Florida.  According to Wiki, it is the only time in the city’s history that snow fell. So take that, everyone complaining about the cold.  That’s right even you, strawberry farmer’s! Quit griping and tend your crops. I can’t sprinkle your frustrations on my summer salad, so stop growing them.

The Aleutian Low was to blame in ’77, though at first many assumed Steve Martin was shooting a movie in the area.  See below right for what Steve Martin did to Pasadena during “Father of the Bride”.

There's snow business like show business who has no business in snow

Why do I know all of these facts?  My mother was a weatherwoman. Was she a better weatherwoman than Sam Champion? Yes.  But was she a blonder weatherwoman?  I doubt there will ever be.  That gal should be shilling toothpaste in her breaks on Good Morning America.