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Pumpkin eater!

Looks like I strayed again.

No, Cuisinart didn’t “get” to me.  Just go read this new blog post I wrote for, the website that wants to broker you an offer you can’t refuse or something.  My column is apparently entitled “Tales of a Real New Yorker”.  This week?  I pay tribute to Big Buck Hunter in my own special way.  Put on your orange vest.


The Ideal Brain Tonic/The Delightful Summer-Winter beverage.

The Volkswagen Coke

Holy Cokes! I know I promised more Cuisinart tirades, but I’ve just received some breaking news.

Tiny Cokes are coming!

Coca-Cola’s North America Sparkling Beverages President Hendrik Steckhan said, “The Coca-Cola mini can is a great option for smaller thirst occasions and for calorie-conscious consumer. Our new sleek mini can supports the idea of moderation and offers people yet another way to enjoy their favorite Coca-Cola beverage.”

1.) How can I become a sparkling beverages president? My intuition tells me I will need an accent and a monocle.

2.) Finally, finally we are taking a step toward ending discrimination against people with smaller thirsts.  The were born less thirsty and they have the right to baby-sip their way through existence.  Life is theirs for the nursing!

I cannot wait to stamp my passport to refreshment.  I want to buy the world one of these, but unfortunately for the rest of the world the Shakira of beverages will only be available in NYC and DC, for now.  I will conduct a taste test and report the results.  In the meantime, start saving up for Eye Dropper of Pepsi, coming to stores March 2010.

Choose your weapon

Time's up.

Newflash: Maniac Murders Family via Arterial Plaque.

Why is he making three roasts for dinner? Really sir, kebabs as a side? Who’s going to finish that ham? Your 46 pound daughter? “Let dad school you on myocardial infarction.”  Clean up’s a snap? Sure, just dump her body in the trash and no one will distinguish between the bones of your victims and those of all the animal carcasses you fed them. Perfectly cooked alibis at the push of a button.

These next few posts will be devoted to the murderous arsenal that is Cuisinart.  “Cooking appliances for professional and home—assasins.” The holidays are upon us. Gird your pork loins.


So, you’ve heard by now that Oprah is ending her talk show in 2011.  But have you connected the dots?

She’s going to live her best life all over your face.  Do you think she had F. G. Palin on the show to promote Going Rouge? Do the math.  She was doing opposition research.  Oprah’s show finishes Sept. 2011, just in time for her campaign for President of the United States.  Oprah ’12! It’s finally happening.

I know what you’re thinking: how can Gayle King possibly have time to be VP when she’s too busy protecting parents from talking to their kids about self-stimulation?

Well, there’s something you should know. You might have heard Gayle King’s middle name was Oprah, but what you don’t know is Oprah’s middle name is Gail. Go ahead, rearrange the letters. That’s right, Gayle. They are, in fact, one person.  Have you ever seen the two of them in the same room? I didn’t think so.

Long story short, someone else is in line for VP.  Someone who knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Someone who Oprah can introduce with pride. Have you guessed yet?

That’s right.

John Traaavoooltaaa!!!

Balls 2!

Political Mastermind

STOLEN BALLS! I don’t usually watch the Daily Show, but I do keep it on in the background when I’m tightening my doorknobs.  That is how I found out my Ball Post was stolen.  When I called the police to report my stolen ball post they kept insisting they could not help me. It turns out “212 hot cops” is not the number for any official NYPD precinct.  Disappointing.