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Hamburger bed

Like sleeping alone? Here lies the ultimate answer to my vegetarianism.  One night in this bed and I would eat a horseburger.  This is the kind of furniture that changes your fundamental values.  There must be a story behind this and it must begin with the words “my slider bed had become too small and I was sleeping on my hot dog couch when…”.

Apparently, it was based on a glorious moment in movie making history called Hamburger: A Motion Picture.  I took  4.0  credits at Busterburger University and that seminar on Theoretical and Applied Genetics was fantastic (though I kept getting these $65 “extra pickle” fees on my bursar bill.)  I now own this movie, review forthcoming.

Prince Show!

This song has been in my head for almost as long as pizza party.  I can safely say that I’d rather be stuck in a basement than trapped in the closet.