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The Ides of Aprils

This week on the internet I discussed eyewear on The Hairpin, terrible TV fathers on Splitsider, and The 2012 Pillow Fight with Don Draper as well as private things in public on Thought Catalog.  I also discussed other things not on the internet, but whatever.

This Week

I made a plea to The Black Eyed Peas; wrote some Extraordinary Advice; and oversaw one of the more fashion forward Television Duels yet.  Also, I’m slightly concerned about the fact that Nora Roberts–author of The Next In Death–is possibly stuck inside a bottling plant or alternate dimension, and communicating to me via my drink labels.  That’s not part of anything–it’s just been on my mind.



Duels, Duels, Duels, Duels, Duels

ImageI’ve begun writing a TV Duels series for Splitsider.  You should read it.

The first two have been:

Who Would Win in an Eating Contest,  Liz Lemon or Ron Swanson?

Who Would Win in a Republican Primary, Jack Donaghy or Alex P. Keaton?

You should read them, before they read you.