I am a writer and this is my website.  Read some of my work here:

Thought Catalog     The Village Voice         Cosmopolitan Magazine

  The Toast                  The Hairpin                   Paste Magazine    

DNAinfo                      McSweeney’s                 Splitsider           

Medium                      Portable                      

Slacktory                    Crushable                        

death-by-nostalgia-thumbYou can buy my ebook at these fantastic locations.

Amazon Amazon Apple Apple Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble

Google Play Google Play

You can buy some of my writing–along with the innovative stories of Ron Carlson, Amy Hempel, Rick Moody, Lydia Davis, Jonathan Safran Foer, and 25 others–by ordering the book Fakes from  W.W. Norton & Co.  Here is a review and here is another one. And one more.

PODCASTS Listen to some of my work here:

Blaise Kearsley’s How I Learned Series Podcast

Liam McEneaney’s Tell Your Friends Podcast

The (super NSFW) Wholesome Addiction Podcast


You can buy some more of my writing along with other amazing contributors from Ksenyia and Matt at I Love Bad Movies.

BIO: I come from a long line of writers.  I’m told that both my grandfathers had checkbooks, and while I’m too young to remember—I’m certain they had occasion to write in them.  My mother recently wrote this letter to the Commissioner of Jurors: “No, thanks!”  My father once wrote a letter and put it in a bottle.  He drove to the Jersey shore and threw it into the ocean.  Later, he would discover there was only one set of footprints on the beach because Jesus carried him.  My younger sister wrote an unsuccessful graphic novel depicting these events.  My older sister is adapting it for a children’s book.  I wish her well.

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