A Mouthful of the Old Bay

Crustean in quotation

Well I still haven’t watched Super Chef: Cook to the Death because it reairs tonight.  However, I have discovered that the secret ingredient is hope, which is bound to leave a horrible aftertaste. What it should have been is Utz’s “The Crab Chip”.  I have been addicted to these for several months.

They are not made of crabs, but the bag design intimates you may just find one or two scurrying through your chips on their way to a weird eleven year old’s drawing.  Apparently, they are flavored with Old Bay Seasoning, which is like Old Spice Seasoning, only spicier and you can’t use it as deodorant.  So this is what the largest estuary in the United States tastes like? Unexpectedly delicious considering what it smelled like the summer I lived in dc.

Sadly, they don’t sell Utz’s “The Crab Chip” just anywhere.   Only one of my five local grocery stores (that doesn’t include my seventeen local bodegas) carries them, and only sporadically. This is why I was on Utz’s website today, where the creepiest internet encounter I’ve ever experienced occurred.  Click on the link, go to the site and wait about 10 seconds.  You’ll see.  I bet she knows the secret ingredient.


3 responses to “A Mouthful of the Old Bay

  1. I hear those chips go great with Coke!

  2. Actually, they taste a lot better with Mini Cokes.

  3. Jim would like to know where you get them b/c now after reading this he wants them again. PS – I have about 3 POUNDS of old bay in my house because that is one of the main ingredients in his chicken recipe. Don’t you wish you ate meat now?

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