Kay is for Killer

“I’m right here and I always will be”, he said.  “Even after I remove your teeth and fingernails and bury your body”.  She hung up the phone and it immediately rang again, it was the police: “We’ve traced the calls and they’re coming from inside the house!”  They went on to say, “in fact, they’re coming from the same room as the one you’re in right now.  It’s that poor man’s Scott Cohen right behind you!  The one on his cell phone!”

Every kiss (of death) begins with Kay

It’s nice of Jerry Bruckheimer to sell off openings of CSI to jewelry stores for commercials.  However, I don’t know that they’re really pulling their weight over at Kay’s marketing department.  Who’s buying this charm?  I mean who besides the next guy to seduce Erica Kane and take her hostage posing as an international spy/financier.  How long will it take for Sgt. Trevor Dillion to figure it out?

If you’re so scared of lightning why don’t you get some curtains for your GD windows.  You know what you should be frightened of? Your insurance premium after your house is burglarized. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll leave the necklace.


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